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Nuclear Material Handling
and Containment

Three hexagon shapes

Nuclear Material Containers

NFTTM’s experience with nuclear material packaging enables us to design and manufacture various containers, including the SAVYTM-4000 containers used by the Department of Energy for storage of radioactive material.

Enabled by proprietary filter technology, these containers are for the interim storage of plutonium oxides, metals, and powders and are available in a range of sizes. The SAVYTM containers are in use at several nuclear sites in the United States and internationally.


NFTTM manufactures various containers with innovative and creative design demonstrated by the fact that it can be opened and closed in a few seconds without torque wrenches or other tools, has a built-in, fire-rated filter that prevents the build-up of hydrogen gas, and it prevents release of material even in a 12-foot drop. NFT containers have been tested to 500°C for 2 hours, allowing major nuclear facilities to credit the container towards source term Material at Risk (MAR) reduction.