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NFT leads the way in providing innovative solutions for the nuclear industry

For nearly 40 years, NFT has provided a broad array of unique products and services for safety critical initiatives within the nuclear cleanup, deterrence, and energy markets. The company’s capabilities include providing radioactive material handling technologies, advanced manufacturing solutions, and integrated project services.

Founded during the decommissioning of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons site, the Golden-based company has continued to provide innovative solutions that stand apart across the nuclear industry. Simply put, NFT’s unique blend of services and technology ensure a cleaner and safer world for generations to come.

Growing and adding services

For the past decade, NFT has made a concerted effort to expand its offerings and services related to the nuclear industry, this includes not only organic growth but strategic acquisitions that complement NFT’s core business offerings.

To date, NFT employs 150 personnel, with 50 employees based in Golden Colorado.

In the coming year, NFT will continue to support customers across mission-critical cleanup and remediation projects, national security initiatives, commercial nuclear operations, including clean energy initiatives such as advanced and small modular reactors (SMR’s).

Retaining and recruiting talent

“NFT’s employees are passionate about the company’s mission to support environmental cleanup projects, protecting national security interests and contributing to clean energy initiatives. Being part of important, high-profile projects makes our workforce proud knowing they are contributing to positive outcomes for generations to come,” Terry Wickland, NFT CEO says.

As the company grows, it offers career advancement opportunities that allow employees to reach their full potential. Being located in Golden lets NFT take advantage of the strong engineering, science, and technology talent local universities have to offer. “The luxury of having access to such a vast talent pool is a tremendous asset for NFT,” Marc Rood, Executive Vice President of Strategy says.

The company plans to recruit workers through colleges and tradeshows. It also taps into referrals from existing employees. “We want to demonstrate there are great and rewarding opportunities in engineering, physics, chemistry, and manufacturing,” Rood says.

Needless to say, the future of NFT is bright!